Things Need To Remember

  • scp command :- To copy files between systems or servers.

scp – secure copy (remote file copy program).

In Unix, you can use the scp command to copy files and directories securely between remote hosts without starting an FTP session or logging into the remote systems explicitly.

Suppose you want to copy from to,

Login in and go where you want to copy files,

scp *


login in your local server from which you want to copy source code.. Go to public_html

scp -r .*/ path to which server need to copy..

scp -r .*/ home/public_html

(This path can be find after login into that server and going into public_html folder & retrive PWD).

It will ask for password, give proper password..


  • PHP does not support function overloading, nor is it possible to redefine previously-declared functions.
  • In magento all the validation script in admin & front resides in public_html/js/prototype/validation.js file.
  • In ubuntu desktop You can launch any application using Alt+<F2>.

When we create object of any class, its constructor will call by default.

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