Negative Numbers validation using JavaScript & jQuery

When you need to restrict user to enter negative numbers in input text field,
You can achieve using plain JavaScript & jQuery as explained in below video.

It will also not allow user to enter alphabet letters like A to Z.

Please leave your suggestions & comments if you found above code useful, so when other person read this blog, he/she can use above code with confidence.

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8 thoughts on “Negative Numbers validation using JavaScript & jQuery

  1. Its not working for negative numbers.
    For that we have to put ‘OR’ condition instead of ‘AND’ condition as follows :

    value = document.getElementById(‘ID’).value;

    if (parseInt(value) < 0 && isNaN(value))
    alert("please enter valid values");
    document.getElementById('iD').value = ' ';


    • Hello subha,

      Thanks for your feedback.
      We cant put if (parseInt(value) < 0 && isNaN(value)) because if one of 2 condition will not satisfy , then it will not validate.


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