Resetting Magento Admin Password

There are many cases when you forget magento admin password .

For security reasons magento stores password inform of MD5 format in database , so you cant get password directly through phpmyadmin interface.

You can reset password using 2 methods :-

1) First find under which user you want to change password using below query:-

"SELECT * FROM `admin_user`;"

Now, to reset password run below query,

UPDATE `admin_user` SET `password`= MD5("newpassword") WHERE `username`='admin';

2) Go to phpmyadmin.Browse admin_user table . Edit specific record you want to update . While you change password in `password` field, select MD5 from dropdown under Function section & enter your password , it will store your password in MD5 format.

See below Screenshot for better idea :-

Resetting Admin Password

You are Done !!

Now try to login with new password !!


Magento – Can’t login to admin after fresh installation

When i started learning Magento , my first step was installation of magento on my localhost ! I just began installation like WordPress & at that time i didnt aware it was much harder than wordpress installation , specially on localhost using Wamp server ! Sometimes on localhost after fresh magento installation you get the problem to not able to login in admin panel (backend) , whether your username & password are right.

You can solve this problem using following method.

Go to :-


Find the code given below around 77 line :-

// session cookie params
 $cookieParams = array(</strong>
 'lifetime' =&gt; $cookie-&gt;getLifetime(),
 'path' =&gt; $cookie-&gt;getPath(),
 'domain' =&gt; $cookie-&gt;getConfigDomain(),
 'secure' =&gt; $cookie-&gt;isSecure(),
 'httponly' =&gt; $cookie-&gt;getHttponly()

Comment above code , Done.

Refresh & try to login again..

The real problem is that when a Magento instance is running through a localhost and tries to create a cookie, but fails to do so because it requires a domain and localhost is not a true domain..

Leave a comment , if it is useful to solve your problem !!

Magento installation problem on localhost

While installing Magento on localhost, we can get sticked at the Step 2 of the Installation process, which doesn’t let you go further.

  • While you are on that installation screen, just click on your URL field and then right click.
  • This will open the Firebug screen and highlight the html code of that input field.
  • You will see it has something like class=”validate-url” .
  • Just remove that “validate-url”.
  • Now, just click on SUBMIT and you are done