things I’m thankful for

  • I am hearty thankful to my PARENTS , because they give me more than i deserve without any expectations, they are god for me on this earth. No one can take place of my parents in this world.
  • My TEACHERS are my future creators. They taught me how to go ahead with world.
  • My FRIENDS are the only reality ofย  my life. Some of them left me for some reasons , but still some friends are there , to give their a hand to give me proper direction , time they give me to spend with them , their care towards me. I know how much they worry about me , although they never show it !!
  • I am also thankful to them who do not love me , who do not care me because they taught me some good lessons of my life which are necessary !!
  • In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on !!
  • Try to be simple , Simplicity can be harder than Complexity !!
  • If you are not using your smile, you are a man with a million dollars in the bank and no checkbook.
  • Never value someone so much in your life, because if you do same, you will loose your value from their life.
  • Life is beautiful and wonderful when we really appreciate everyone & everything around us.
  • Fear doesn’t exist anywhere, except in our mind.
  • Your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other thing.
  • Dont pay too much attention to the past , just remember you can always change the future.
  • The TIME is always right to do what is RIGHT.
  • No matter how DIFFICULT the SITUATION is, always treat everything in a POSITIVE way.
  • Nobody can go back and start a NEW BEGINNING, but anyone can start today and make a NEW ENDING.
  • The greatest thing in life is to keep your HEART YOUNG, no matter whatever your AGE.
  • HAPPINESS is not external, but an internal state, literally a STATE OF MIND.
  • If i will CHANGE myself for someone , after that i will MISS myself in me.
  • Be Thankful for the DIFFICULT PEOPLE inย  your life, for they have shown you who you do not WANT to be.
  • Be KIND whenever possible, it is always POSSIBLE.
  • God always hears our PRAYER, also when we do not have WORDS.

12 thoughts on “things I’m thankful for

  1. Your lines are awesome man.Each and every thing to be need in this real world.It’s exactly match it..


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